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More Christmas Ideas!

Continuing on from our last post, we will be open for 2 more days before Christmas but understand you may need to do some online ordering! We have compiled 2 lists of our favorites for everyone on your list in "Urban Style".

As of today, 12/17, with delivery to Wenatchee, this gift list will all arrive before Christmas! Check out our previous list for other ideas that may arrive in time as well!

Our top picks for guaranteed delivery before Christmas:

  1. This glass salsa caraffe:

  2. The complimenting chip bag you didnt know everyone needed:

  3. A wood pedastal soap stand:

  4. Glass + Beach wood salt and pepper shakers:

  5. The steamer we just took in carry on to Hawaii to make sure our outfits were *chefs kiss*:

  6. This slim fit wallet for women:

  7. The same wallet for men:

We hope you will consider shopping some of our favorite links that support your favorite small business!

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